Scottish Seas

Who we are

We land our catch at different ports along the Scottish coast.

We fish for a range of species, from haddock to langoustines.

We work inshore and offshore. Some of us are fairly new to the business, and some come from fishing lineages going back generations.

What we share is a commitment to creating a sustainable future for our communities, our fisheries, and our eco-system.

Our stocks are carefully managed, many through international certifications like MSC. Our long-standing relationships with state-of-the-art processors make sure that we can supply the highest quality seafood to suit global tastes. And our partnerships with retail and foodservice around the world allow us to bring our products and our story to kitchens everywhere.


SCOTTISH SEAS is a co-operative of Scottish fishermen, working together to bring the best of wild Scottish seafood to the world in a way that sustains our home communities and the seas we depend upon.