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Arcturus  INS167

Captains: Edd Fiske & Wayne Fiske

Home port: Hopeman

What we catch: MSC Cod, MSC Haddock, Whiting, MSC Saithe & more

Vessel:  Arcturus is an 80ft long pair trawler.  We fish alongside our partner vessel Ardent, normally with trips lasting a 5/6 day duration. We have a crew of 6 lads all from our local village, further up the Moray Firth, who have all been on board Arcturus a good number of years.

Of brother and sons...  I have been fishing since I left school in 1986, and have been skipper of Arcturus since 1993. Now my brother Wayne now shares skippering duties. We are 4th generation fishermen and hopefully our sons and nephews will follow in our footsteps.