Captain: Donald Anderson

Home port: Scrabster

What we catch: Cod, Monkfish, Megrim

Vessel:  The Aurelia is 19m long and is a trawler. Donald fishes off the North Coast of Scotland around the Islands and over the continental shelf edge to Capture fine Deep Water species such as Monkfish and Cod. He lives local to his home port of Scrabster and is only minutes away from the quayside.

Donald's father, Chic (Scottish for Charles), was a self made man starting on the deck as a crewman then working his way up to 100% owner of his own vessel. Chic passed on his love of fishing to Donald who now sails with local crew on his family run vessel. Donald knows the value of landing quality fish so he lands as often as he can to the local fish market where buyers eagerly await these special catches. Sometimes his pursuit of fish takes him to the West of Scotland where he lands to the ports that border the mountains and sea lochs such as Kinlochbervie and Ullapool.

An important message from the fishermen...  This is no country for corporate vessels with hired crew or factory ships spending weeks at sea, this is local men pursuing quality catches in a prime location.