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Published on Oct 15, 2015

Portree, the main town on the Isle of Skye, is a bustling port and a thriving cultural centre. Set round its natural harbour and fringed by high ground and cliffs, the town is a popular tourists' holiday destination and the harbour continues to be used by fishing boats as well as pleasure craft.

Dunan Star II

Captain: Alasdair Corrigall

Home port: Portree, Isle of Skye

What we catch: Langoustines & Crab

From the kitchen...  When I left school at 16, I trained as a chef in my uncle's restaurant The Lower Deck, in Portree. I started fishing when I was 19 aboard my cousins boat the Eilean a’ Cheo, as crewman and worked my way up to skipper. I was a skipper for 3 years on the Eilean a’ Cheo but after about 5 years I decided it was time to buy my own boat, the Dunan Star II, and I still have her today after 14 years .

Vessel: The Dunan Star is a Cygnus 44, 44 foot in length and made from GRP. She was built in 1987 and is designed for both creel work and trawling. I usually work with 3 of a crew aboard, trawling for prawns in the summer time and creels for crab over the winter months.

Fishing has been in family for 3 generations. My grandfather, Tommy Corrigall and his brother Alfie, originally from Orkney worked together on the boats ‘Boy Andrew’ and ‘Virgin’ out of Portree before getting the Iris built in Stromness, Orkney in 1967. When Tommy passed away my dad, James Corrigall, started working aboard the Iris with his uncle Alfie Corrigall. In 2004/2005 their new boat Iris II was launched in MacDuff and my dad continues to work the boat at the age of 66.