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Captain: David Milne

Home port: Fraserburgh

What we catch: MSC Haddock, MSC Cod, MSC Saithe, Monkfish, Hake, Whiting, Halibut

Vessel:   Faithlie is a 27.50 meter seine net vessel.

The vessel was launched in August last year. Her chosen method of fishing is very environmentally sustainable employing the encircling of the fish rather than towing in a direct track as is the case with trawling. This method has a much shorter time with the gear deployed and does not use heavy gear to operate. This means that there is much less impact on the sea bed and much less fuel is used.

The name Faithlie is an old name for the town of Fraserburgh. Fraserburgh is the largest landing port for Nephrops (Langoustine) in Europe. David has been a Fisherman all his life and progressed from being a deckhand then a mate and finally owning his own vessels the Kinnaird, the Adorne and finally the Faithlie.

Did you know...  David has appeared in various documentaries about the fishing industry the most famous being a BBC Production called Atlantic the Worlds wildest ocean. Footage of which can be seen on You Tube.

(below link - footage featuring David Milne starts at 30:55)