Keila K121

Captains: Tommy Tulloch & Michael Leslie

Home port: Westray, Orkney Islands

What we catch: MSC Cod, MSC Haddock, MSC Saithe, Monkfish, Whiting, Hake, Ling

Vessel:  28m whitefish trawler newly launched in October 2017. 

Tommy is a career fisherman. This is the 2nd Keila in which he has been part owner with Michael. The previous vessel was built in Norway in 1989 when Tommy was a minor shareholder, but he was able to purchase it later. The boat was sold mid-2017 to Surinam – a major voyage from Orkney undertaken by Tommy and volunteers. The Keila fishes a wide area from Rockall to Faroe to the North of Scotland and is a strong supporter of sustainable practices to ensure the future for the future.

Curious about that "new boat smell"?...check out what the Keila K121 looks like on the inside. This video was taken when Keila was brand new.e