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Captain: James Buchan Snr

Home port: Fraserburgh

What we catch: MSC Cod, MSC Haddock, Whiting

Vessel: Renown is a 24m Seine Net Vessel.

Seine Net fishing is very environmentally friendly as it involves the encircling of the chosen catch as opposed to trawling which draws gear along the ocean floor. Tows are short barely lasting 2 hours. Traditionally Seine Net is deployed in daylight only which means a short working day in the winter but long exhausting hours in the summer in these northern climes.

James works with a steady 8 crewmen who prepare and store the catch in a much shorter time than other methods. This ensures a top quality catch that stands out compared with other catches. James has just added a new fish room to his vessel ensuring top quality state of the art fish handling facilities.

7 generations with more to come... James is a 7th generation Fisherman whose father and brother provided the competitive environment for James to achieve what he has with his vessel. Based in his Home port of Fraserburgh on the rugged North East Coast of Scotland he has landed fish all his life from the cold clear waters of the North Atlantic. His trips take him into the Norwegian Sector of the North Sea and the fertile waters around the Northern Isles of Scotland. James's long experience has now passed to the next generation as his son James Jnr takes the boat to sea on alternate trips. Even the family name Buchan is steeped in the history of this area as it is also the traditional name for this part of Scotland - The Buchan Coast. Small historic villages and Castles mingle with modern Ports such as Fraserburgh and Peterhead providing the world with top quality fish produce.

Did you know...  James and his crew were featured on the Trawlermen series (2ed season).  Check out his seine Net fishing explained here (min 0:50 to 2:08)