Here are some of our favorite hake recipes. Enjoy!


Cha Ca La Wong (as found in Vietnam) by Florence Fabricant, New York Times

Hake Fillet with Golden Beet and Radish Salad by Simon Rogan, Great British Chefs "Hake is a mild, flaky fish with a delicate flavour that is a wonderful alternative to cod. In this recipe, hake fillets are perfectly underpinned by an earthy golden beetroot and radish salad, completing a fantastic taste of the sea."

Hake with Braised Artichokes, Peas & Bacon by Jamie Oliver

Roasted Hake with Sweet Peppers by Melissa Clark, New York Times (video at right) "I love cooking with hake. It's one of my favorite fish. It's a firm white fleshed, very mild fish. It also happens to be sustainable."